Workshop: GROUP 1 GBV

Appoint a “rapporteur” for your group who will make sure the main notes are written on the forum. Any participant can also add to the forum discussion at any time or like a reply. There will be three questions for each concept:

  1. How would you define this concept?
  2. What are some practical examples where this concept is used/important?
  3. What are the main controversies or debates surrounding this concept?

Please add the corresponding number before your reply in the topic thread where possible.


  1. Protection is about “Alleviating victims’ immediate suffering through the provision of emergency material, medical assistance and psychosocial care in affected areas.”

Some group consolidated notes

Gender-based violence is violence that reflects a person based on their gender. Could involve sexual, economic and physical harm.
Often women are thought of as the main victims, but men are also victims of male gender. ex in refugee camps men do not speak up
Micro violence and structural violence in regard to GBV . Interpretation is also important to GBV