Which practices most accurately reflect the term "capacity-building" in your current work?

Practices associated with capacity-building
  • 1.Developing learning resources, best practices and standardization of common tools and processes.
  • 2.Providing international and local humanitarian staff with adequate training.
  • 3.Helping affected states to develop institutional mechanisms for crisis response and preparedness.
  • 4.Developing partnerships with less experienced humanitarian organizations.
  • 5.Sharing human, financial resources and information with community-based organizations.
  • 6.Reinforcing senior leadership management skills
  • 7.Do not know
  • 8.None of the above - please add your practice in a “Reply”

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The sharing of information and competencies need to be done in the 2 ways: from international to local and the other way to around. Also, the partnership definition can be part of the capacity building and many times can be the best way to do it (but is also important that is not just giving the executive less challenging part to the local organization and the international organization is getting the structuring and supervising… usually this is not very capacitative)… just thinking that is a very complex concept.

Develop capacity, understanding and competencies of NGO and civil society staff staff (both international and local), as well as people affected by a crisis.