Open Geneva: Which practices most accurately reflect the term "protection" in your current work?

Practices associated with protection
  • 1.Alleviating victims’ immediate suffering through the provision of emergency material, medical assistance and psychosocial care in affected areas.
  • 2.Pressuring the relevant authorities, either through dialogue or public disclosure, into taking measures to stop the abuse and prevent its recurrence.
  • 3.Promoting knowledge and respect for human rights and humanitarian principles.
  • 4.Promoting justice for victims and due process for perpetrators and supporting and protecting organizations working to defend rights.
  • 5.Helping to develop and establish organizations at national and international levels, capable of enhancing respect for human rights and international law.
  • 6.Assisting in the implementation of international law at national levels and in the development of a fair system of justice.
  • 7.Transferring or evacuating people out of affected areas and providing information and communications (with family members or relatives).
  • 8.Do not know
  • 9.None of the above - please add your practice in a Reply

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