Impartiality is ...?

Humanitarian documents define impartiality in different ways.

How would YOU define it?

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Based on our analysis, we found that impartiality as an approach to delivering humanitarian aid that:

  • is based on the needs of affected people;
  • is non-discriminatory;
  • does not align with particular actors;
  • prioritises urgent cases; and
  • is proportional to needs and suffering of affected people.

But how do YOU define impartiality? Add you replies below!

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I think the definition is comprehensive, but I am not sure about the non-alignment element. For me, impartiality is about how humanitarian actors related to their beneficiaries. Non-alignment is about how they relate to other actors, and that is covered by other core principles like neutrality (e.g. between conflict parties) or independence (e.g. from political motivations).

I wonder what everyone else thinks?