Category Topics

Concept discussion

Discussions, debates, critical reflections and opinions related to the Humanitarian Encyclopedia’s concepts. These topics are the place to react to existing concept entries and expertise notes, or to bring new ideas about key humanitarian concepts that you want to contribute.

Data and resources

Questions, concerns, comments and ideas for adding, updating or analysing the data and resources on the Humanitarian Encyclopedia. These topics are the place to discuss entries in the Library, Humanitarian Organisations Database, Humanitarian Education Database

Humanitarian issues

New developments, experiences, good practices, challenges, requests and advice are constantly emerging. These topics are dedicated to discussing the latest daily experiences of humanitarian researchers and practitioners around the world.

What's on ?

Events, webinars, conferences or even job opportunities. These topics are the place to share information and generate interest on the latest happenings in your local or global humanitarian community.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Have a question about the platform? These topics are frequently asked questions and answers about the use of the platform, including connection, contributions, moderation, features and bugs.


The Humanitarian Encyclopedia is a collective good. These topics are the place to share your ideas on improving the platform, keeping it up to date, and making it a better space for all.